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for your next special event in Mattapoisett, MA

Lisa Knodel-Baier, LMT can also perform massages during parties and other special events. She can visit your home or office to offer massages to your guests. Call 508-287-4793 today to schedule a body massage in Mattapoisett, MA. Lisa specializes in massage therapy, lymphatic drainage, cranial sacral therapy, and holistic healing.

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Massage Therapy

After a Swedish or deep tissue massage from Lisa Knodel-Baier, LMT, you'll feel relaxed physically and mentally.

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Lymphatic Drainage

Using light pressure, Lisa Knodel-Baier, LMT will drain the lymphatic fluid under your skin to help with cancer and sinus infections.

Cranial Sacral

Cranial Sacral

If you suffer from cranial pressure, blurry vision, migraines or other head pain, a cranial sacral treatment can provide relief.

Holistic Program

Holistic Program

Learn to navigate life without additive substances using holistic methods like massage, yoga and meditation.

A Massage is a Natural Solution to Your Pain

Turn to Lisa Knodel-Baier, LMT for body massages in Mattapoisett, MA

Are you suffering with chronic pain? Has a recent injury left your body sore and achy? Do you just want a break from your stressful life? A massage from Lisa Knodel-Baier, LMT may be just want you need.

Lisa Knodel-Baier, LMT is a massage therapist in Mattapoisett, MA with more than 30 years of experience. Turn to her for a variety of natural treatments to relieve chronic pain. Lisa Knodel-Baier, LMT also runs a holistic program for women recovering from addictions. She teaches self-massage, yoga, homeopathic remedies and meditation, all in an effort to help women live addiction-free lives.

When you visit Lisa Knodel-Baier, LMT, you can expect to be treated like family. She'll work hard to provide the pain relief you've been searching for. Get in touch with her today to schedule an appointment.

How Can a Massage in Mattapoisett, MA Relieve Your Pain?

If you're tired of traditional medicines or want to add natural remedies to your treatments, Lisa Knodel-Baier, LMT is here for you. Here are three ways you can find relief at her clinic:

  • Massage therapy: Your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments will be pressed, rubbed and manipulated to work out problem areas.
  • Lymphatic drainage: Waste fluids will be removed from your body using gentle pressure.
  • Craniosacral therapy: The natural position of your head, spinal column and sacrum bones will be restored.

You can trust Lisa Knodel-Baier, LMT to evaluate your issues and perform the right treatments. Reach out to her today to find out which therapy can help you.

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