Holistic Healing in Mattapoisett, MA, just a Short Drive away from Marion or Rochester, MA

Expect personal attention in our holistic program

Lisa Knodel-Baier, LMT will work with you personally to aid your recovery. You’ll be treated like a family member while you learn to navigate life without addictive substances. Lisa works with PAACA, Emerging in Health with Kristine White, and Yoga, Meditation with Jeff Costa to offer holistic alternatives to recoveries and their families.

Join a holistic healing program in Mattapoisett, MA

Recovery programs that rely on traditional medicines aren’t your only option when it comes to addiction recovery. Lisa Knodel-Baier, LMT offers a holistic program in Mattapoisett, MA for individuals recovering from addictions.

You’ll work with Lisa Knodel-Baier, LMT, Kristine White, and Jeff Costa using natural, homeopathic methods to stay sober. You’ll learn:


  • Self-massage
  • Yoga
  • Meditation




In addition to learning self massage for home care, Lisa will provide massage sessions to aid the healing process. Lisa, Kristine, and Jeff volunteer with PAACA, a substance abuse prevention and treatment program. The goal of Lisa Knodel-Baier, LMT’s program is to help you stay clean without relying on conventional drugs. Lisa Knodel-Baier, LMT helps eight women at a time, so call now to reserve a spot.



We are located in Mattapoisett, MA, just a short drive away from Marion or Rochester, MA.